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Sell Your Home For More

Did you know that one of the first features of a home that a potential buyer looks over is the condition of the exterior masonry work? Depending on the state of your home’s brick or stonework, it can literally mean the difference in thousands of dollars between your “asking price” and the “actual selling price.”

Here are some tips on what masonry repairs you should consider when selling your home

  1. Chimney: In most cases a chimney can be repaired cost effectively. However, most Home Inspectors increase the price to restore a chimney by over 25% of the actual repair costs. Thus, if the chimney really only costs $1000.00 dollars to repair, the Home Inspector will inflate the costs by over $250.00 dollars.

  2. Windowsills: Cracked or deteriorating windowsills allow water penetration, which can cause interior damage to walls and ceilings. When noticing extensive windowsill damage, Home Inspectors inflate the actual price to repair the sills by over 40% just in case there is any unforeseen interior damage.

  3. Cracks on your flagstone walkway: When cracks on sidewalks appear, it becomes evident that there is substantial shifting during the winter’s freeze and thaw cycles. Home Inspectors inflate the price to fix the cracks by over 15% - allowing additional fees for any unforeseen foundation problems.

  4. Garage Columns: Garage columns are very easy to repair, but when they are quoted by a Home Inspector they are inflated by over 80%. The potential load bearing element comes into effect during the estimating process on all garage columns.

  5. Foundation Cracks: Parging or tuck-pointing the foundation cracks are very economical, yet when estimated by a Home Inspector the actual price is inflated by over 38% percent, as they allow for potential structural damage.

  6. Basement Waterproofing: Water leaks are one of the worst problems to have on a home. Home Inspectors do not take leaks lightly. They inflate waterproofing repair charges by over 150% - as water quickly causes mold, mildew and unwanted odours.

  7. Retaining Walls: Leaning or cracked retaining walls can usually be corrected within a couple of days work. However, Home Inspectors typically inflate labour costs by over 90% if they see any structural deterioration.

  8. Stress Cracks above doors, windows, on walls and foundation: If a Home Inspector sees any signs of stress cracks along the foundation - he/she will automatically deem the house to be a high maintenance structure. When a house is recorded as being a high maintenance structure, you can expect up to a $10,000 dollar reduction from your asking price.

  9. Cracks on Concrete Steps: These repairs are not taken lightly, as in most cases a complete rebuild is necessary, costing a minimal of $5000.00 dollars. In most cases, the actual price will be inflated by over 30% by the Home Inspector.

  10. Sinking of Interlocking walkways or driveway: Repairing an interlocking driveways is quick and easy – however because interlocking specialists are in high demand – home inspectors are known to increase repair charges by over 180%.

  11. If you need more information when selling your home or you would like one of our specialists to pinpoint potential problem areas please Contact us.