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10 Things to consider
when hiring a contractor!

Press Release

You’ve worked hard planning and budgeting for your next masonry project and now it’s time to hire a specialist, Think, Rethink, then Think Again! We have provided you with 10 tips to help you choose the right masonry restoration company for you!

  1. Insist that your masonry company provides you with a written estimate and a written service agreement. These documents should be easy to read, clearly indicating the work being offered and the total price.

  2. Ask for a written guarantee at the end of the project.

  3. Do not pay by cash, if offered to pay by cash, find someone else.

  4. Make sure that the company has a legitimate business card.

  5. Ask for an address of the company, it should be displayed on the business card.

  6. Is the masonry restoration company insured?

  7. Ask for previous projects that have been completed or references that you can go visit.

  8. Has the company been in business for more than 5 years? If not, proceed with caution – as more times than not - they are a “fly by night company.”

  9. Do not pay a Deposit up front, unless you absolutely feel comfortable. If the company is truly creditable – they will be willing to purchase materials and work for a couple of days before receiving the first payment.

  10. Does the company accept Visa or MasterCard payments? This is a perfect gauge to determine whether the company has creditability or not. Hence, only well established companies are approved to accept credit card payments.

Taking the extra time to choose the right contractor will assure peace of mind during your next masonry project. So remember, before you hire your next masonry specialist, Think, Rethink, then Think Again!