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Seasonal Restoration Ideas We've Provided a List of Potential Masonry Repairs and Upgrades for your Home!

Most masonry projects need a professional, as expensive tools and heavy lifting are required. Hiring a professional will save you both time and money and will guarantee you a quality job.

  • Chimney repairs and restoration to prevent leaks and falling debris
  • Restoring recessed or damaged mortar joints around your windowsills and doors
  • The application of a masonry sealer to your garage columns to prevent deterioration
  • Waterproofing of your exterior basement walls to prevent leaks
  • Installation of masonry caulking around all windows and doors to prevent heat escape
  • The application of a fresh sealer to enhance the appearance of your driveway
  • Restoration of cracks on your walkway or steps
  • The straightening or reconstruction of your retaining walls
  • The restoration of coping stone and pool tiles around your pool
  • Repairs to cracks and crevices within your cantina to prevent drafts and insect entry

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