Our Guarantee

We Guarantee our Masonry Work!

Looking for a masonry restoration company that you can trust? Only Image Enhanced offers the complete Masonry Protection Program (MPP) – ensuring a worry-free home restoration experience every time. Under this unique protection program, we guarantee that your project is covered by our $2 million Liability and $2 million Aggregate Insurance.

When your masonry project is completed – you can relax with peace of mind as we furnish all of our customers with a Written Guarantee on all Image Enhanced work. As part of our MPP we automatically provide (1) free courtesy follow up inspection within the first 12 months of completion – to determine that all previous work performed is structurally sound.

Ask about the MPP the next time you speak with one of our Specialists.
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Image Enhanced Inc. Annual Inspection Guarantee (AIG)

For one (1) year Image Enhanced Inc. will provide a 100% Guarantee on all Labour and Material used as per your original Customer Contract. Image Enhanced Inc will provide a five (5) year Material Repair Only Guarantee.

Customers can purchase an additional Annual Inspection Guarantee to cover Labour and Materials for a period of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years.

The price of the Annual Inspection Guarantee can be calculated as follows: (the # of Annual Inspection Years) X ($25.00) + (2% of the total value of the Sales Order Contract – Tax included).

     Image Enhanced Annual Inspection